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receipt tracker’s fantastic features



the planet

Say goodbye to paper receipts
and help preserve resources.
Every year the UK produces
7,500 tonnes of receipt paper.
This uses 112,500 trees,
2,900,000 litres of oil and
5,400,000,000 litres of water.
The landfill waste created is
17,085,000lbs which is the same
CO2 as 7,500 cars driving 24/7
for an entire year.
Imagine what a real difference
paperless receipts could make.



the hassle

Welcome to the future of digital
receipts. Simply scan your
phone at the checkout and
Receipt Tracker will do the rest.
Where scanners don’t yet exist,
you can even photograph the
barcode on a paper receipt
and upload a digital copy.
Receipts are cleverly
categorised and saved on your
phone. Keep an eye on your
monthly spend and enjoy
fabulous faff-free finances.

special offers


when you buy

Receipt Tracker doesn’t just
store your receipts... We also
offer our app users new and
exclusive offers when you shop
at your favourite stores,
restaurants and bars. Use the
in-app codes to make your
savings at the till or online.
You can also collect and use
in-app loyalty cards at your
favourite participating outlets.
Don’t miss out - download the
Receipt Tracker app today!

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meet our team

Adam Mulvey

Adam M,

Adam created Receipt Tracker after accumulating piles of paper receipts & looking for a more environmentally-friendly option. He developed Receipt Tracker to be a faster and more data driven alternation to emailed receipts. Adam spends the majority of his time developing relationships with retailers and POS providers.

Carla Mulvey

Carla M,

Carla is very customer-focused and is passionate about the marketing of Receipt Tracker. Carla helps the retailers develop their digital ambitions, whilst at the same time, maintaining that the app is customer-friendly. Outside of work Carla likes to spend time with her family, travelling whenever possible.

Dan Brennan

Dan B,

Dan is passionate about technology and innovation. He started his career in software development back in 2007. Being a highly technical problem-solver, he is now focused on creating the smart shopping/financial app that is easy/effortless to use and that both businesses and clients love interacting through.

Daniel Essam

Dan E,

Daniel has been dedicated to developing software applications for 5 years now. He enjoys excelling and exceeding the targets set for every project. He is always ready to embrace a new opportunity and that is what brings him to Receipt Tracker.

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